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One Source for Operations Consulting and Creative Services.

MyCorp. Creative Solutions, LLC. is a dynamic project managing firm with hundreds of resources and years of experience in Corporate Operations and Creative Services. Start-up/Entrepreneur Consultant, Business Analytics/Power Bi, Data Automation, Website Development, Video Production/Editing, Storyboard, Scripting, Social Media Ads, and Audience Engagement Advice. You can hire us to perform the desired work or choose another provider we recommend with confidence.

"Since beginning my corporate journey, my dedication to creative design and motivation to grow have led me to exceptional projects and experiences. Take a moment to explore my portfolio above, which includes a combination of collaborations, commissioned work and side projects. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more."



With My Corp. Creative Solutions, LLC, you don't have to start from scratch and spend valuable time researching Business Operations Solutions or Creative Marketing Resources on your own. We'll give you a jump start and help you solve your most pressing issues faster─saving your company money and time.

Connie Biskamp has over Twenty-Five years experience in Operations Consultation & Creatives Services.

Connie L. Biskamp



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